4 Tips for Installing New Cabinetry For Your Kitchen

The cabinets are a significant element in a kitchen because they take up a vast area and affect the functionality of the room. Here are some tips when selecting cabinets for your upcoming remodel.

1. Increase Storage Efficiency

When adding new cabinetry, consider how you can better store your items. For example, standard cupboards with a centre shelf waste a lot of space. Most food items and crockery aren't that tall, so the empty air above them is simply dead space.

Smart drawer units, in contrast, make use of every centimetre—drawers of varying depths use all vertical expanses. Deep drawers can contain pots and pans, while shallower ones can take food items, condiments, plates and mugs. Plastic moulds are available to secure an array of items—not only cutlery. Even tricky corner storage can become efficient with corner drawer units. These L-shape drawers pull right out so you can easily access items at the back. 

2. Add Design Accents

While ample cupboards make working in the kitchen convenient, a long wall of uniform cupboards can induce monotony. Glass doors on upper cabinetry are one way to incorporate diversity and interest to the decor. Select several doors on either side of the stove for the special glazing, or else create a pattern with alternating clear and solid doors. Frosting will diffuse the view, relieving pressure for you to be overly neat. The glazing will impart an airy ambience by not forming a solid opaque block.

3. Consider Different Hues

Another way to vary cabinetry is to install two-toned cupboards. For instance, combine navy lower cabinets with grey or white upper ones. Reserving the darker hue for the under bench area will ground the design. The paler top doors will impart a lighter feel and reflect sun around the kitchen during the day.

4. Create a Streamlined Look

Numerous handles dotted across a wall of cabinetry can be decorative, but it can also create a busy effect. To create a modern, streamlined feel, you can eliminate all this hardware detail with handless doors. Additionally, flat, rather than contoured, door fronts will add to the smooth, uninterrupted flow.

When selecting new cabinets for a kitchen remodel, you need to keep both practical and aesthetic factors in mind. Hopefully, the above tips will help you make good design choices for your kitchen. If you have questions, custom joinery services can further advise on storage innovations and design trends.

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