Ways That Accessories Enhance A Bathroom

Bathroom accessories enhance a bathroom by making it look and function better. Here are some more specific ways they can help.

Visual Interest

Many bathrooms are clad in neutrally coloured tiles like beige, white and pale pink. While this subtle palette is calming, it can also be dull. You can use accessories to add spark. In a white bathroom, you could add a green soap dispenser and toothbrush holder, along with some green towels. If you decorate your bathroom with accessories, you can change the colour scheme any time you like by simply replacing the items. You don't have to do any painting or remodelling. You can change the decor when spring arrives, or you can change it in December to give the bathroom a festive theme. Accessories also let you bring interesting materials like brass, chrome and ceramic into the bathroom. 


Bathroom accessories help keep the bathroom neat and organised. If the shower doesn't have a niche, a caddy will hold all your cosmetics in one place. Choose one that's large enough so it isn't overflowing. It's more convenient if it can hold everything you need in the shower, and you don't have to store excess in a cupboard.

A laundry hamper will keep clutter off the floor. If you have a compact bathroom, measure the area where you intend to place the hamper and choose a shape to maximise the space. Another important accessory is a small rubbish bin. You can choose a colour similar to the wall or floor if you want it to be inconspicuous.

The Benefits Of Mirrors

You can enhance your bathroom in multiple ways with mirrors. They are essential for grooming, but they also add decoration and make the room appear larger. You can install large frameless mirrors over a wall or choose small mirrors in different shapes, such as round, arched or rectangular. A large mirror can be impressive, but two small mirrors of the same shape create an interesting repetitive element. If you want to highlight the shape, choose a frame that will stand out against the wall. You can also choose backlit mirrors, which add subtle lighting to the bathroom.

A mist-free mirror that is heated at the back will let you see even after a hot shower has been running. To avoid shadows when looking in the mirror, spread the lights evenly on both sides so there are no dark patches and all parts of your face are evenly lit.

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