Awning Installation Options

An awning is an additional covering fixed to the exterior wall of a building. It consists of two parts: the canvas and support structure. The canvas can be made from different materials like cotton, acrylic, vinyl, or polyester yarn. The canvas is tightly stretched over the support, which can be made of steel, iron or aluminium. An awning protects you from the sun, rain and wind and also acts like a screen that protects a building's exterior against the climate.

If you are looking to have an awning installed in your home or office, it is important that you are familiar with the different options available. Here is a look at the main types of awning installations.

Fixed Awnings

This awning is mounted on exteriors like a deck, patio, or the windows of your house. Fixed awnings are known for being sturdy and stable, which allows them to stand up against winds, rain and other elements. Permanent awnings are also useful for oddly shaped exteriors. You can also customise these awnings to fit your specific needs.

Retractable Awnings

You can easily fold up or roll these awnings. Many people choose retractable awnings for their flexibility. To restrict dirt and dust, you can roll them. Another benefit is their potential to absorb the ultra-violet rays of the sun. You can easily put away these shades during bad weather. It is also easier to maintain the frames of these awnings. Some good examples of retractable awnings are full cassette and semi-cassette awnings.

Portable Awnings

If you are looking for portable awnings, this is your best option. The main types of portable awnings are umbrella, freestanding, and canopy awnings. Portable awnings allow you the freedom to move them around your deck, but they do not offer as much shelter as wall-mounted shades. Although these shades are not as sturdy as permanent awnings, they offer good protection against sunlight and dust particles.

Vertical Awnings

These are modern window blinds. These awnings combine the technology of retractable awnings with weatherproof fabrics. They are fitted outside the window, but they can also be installed inside. The drop-arm design offers a good angle of shading because it can extend away from the wall at the bottom. These shades are mainly used to add shading and privacy to the side of your patio area.

Summing It Up

Before getting an awning installation, you need to consider many factors. Most importantly, figure out the type of awning that works for you. Ensure you hire a reputable and experience professional to install your awnings.

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