Why Install Perforated Ceiling Tiles in Your Office?

If you're renovating your offices, don't forget to look up. If you have old tiles on your ceiling, then now may be a good time to put in something more modern.

Ceiling tiles do start to look worn and tired over the years; they may lose some of their useful properties. Plus, you may notice that the tiles aren't sitting flushly in place any more. They simply don't look so good.

While you can go for a like-for-like replacement, you can also upgrade your tiles during your renovations and install perforated products. This won't just make your ceiling look better; it also improves the environmental conditions in your office space.

How does this work?

Bring Your Ceiling Up to Date

If your ceiling tiles went up years ago, then they may look a bit outdated. Older designs show their age. They may hark back to past decades that don't mesh with your current, modern interior design plans. Alternatively, the tiles may simply be plain and boring. They don't do anything for you.

Perforated tiles come in a range of designs and styles. You can pick tiles that have uniform square or round perforations on them that make them look like modern grids, or you can go for a scattered perforation design. Here, the holes or hollows in the tile sit randomly on the surface. They add an interesting, textured look.

In either case, you'll make your ceiling look less old-fashioned. You can tie the tiles into your overall office design so they won't look out of place.

Improve Your Working Acoustics

Ceiling tiles can improve the acoustics in an open office space. The materials in the tiles can absorb sound, dampen it and prevent it from spreading around the room.

This improves working conditions in your office and is especially useful in open-plan spaces. Too much noise distracts people from working. Some people even find it stressful if they have to work through environmental noise around them.

While some unperforated tiles have acoustic benefits, perforated tiles are better at dealing with sound. The perforations on a tile give it a larger surface area, which increases the amount of noise a tile can take in and absorb.

To find out more about perforated tiles and their designs, contact ceiling tile installation companies. They can help you choose the right style of perforation to meet your needs and install the tiles for you.

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