3 Key Features of a Hamptons-Style Kitchen

The Hamptons-style kitchen is a concept that has been around for quite some time. In recent times, this concept has gained a lot of popularity with homeowners for its classic style that never seems to be outdated.

The inspiration for Hamptons-style kitchen design is the coastal life in the Hamptons. You can achieve the Hamptons-style kitchen design without necessarily visiting the Hamptons by renovating your existing kitchen. A few things that should feature in this kind of kitchen are explored in the article below.

Kitchen Lighting and Aeration

The Hamptons-style kitchen concept is big on natural lighting. The greater the amount of natural light that can get into your kitchen area, the easier it will be to mimic the Hamptons-style kitchen design. The good news is that getting more natural light into your kitchen might be as simple as increasing the size of the windows around the kitchen area.

An additional benefit of larger windows for your kitchen is the fact that the window openings will allow for the entry of larger quantities of fresh air from the outside environment. A more aerated kitchen environment is much more comfortable to work in as compared to a less aerated kitchen space.

Improved aeration in the kitchen environment is an integral component of the Hamptons-style kitchen design because it mimics the cool breeze effect commonly associated with coastal living.

The Colour Code

You can also achieve the Hamptons-style kitchen concept by choosing the right colour theme for the kitchen area.

Remember that the Hamptons-style kitchen is all about keeping the kitchen area as bright as possible. A subtle colour theme is the best option for this kind of kitchen, and white is as subtle a colour as they come.

A white-themed colour code will ensure that brightness levels within the kitchen are as high as they can be. However, this does not mean that the entire kitchen should be white, as this would be monotonous. You can break this monotony by complementing the white colour theme with a darker colour on the kitchen floor and specific kitchen appliances.

Kitchen Benchtops

Marble benchtops are common in a Hamptons-style kitchen. This is because of the sophisticated sense of style that marble adds to the kitchen area.

Marble is a highly functional benchtop material. Your Hamptons-style kitchen design could be considered incomplete in the absence of marble benchtops or even marble splashbacks. When it comes to Hamptons-style kitchen design, a little marble goes a long way.

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