Why Stone Is The Best Choice For Your Kitchen Benchtops

Kitchens are an integral room in every house, and even if you don't cook a lot, chances are you will prepare drinks, store food and eat meals there virtually every day. With that in mind, the workable space you have is very important, and kitchen benchtops are generally the largest provider of this much-needed space. When designing or renovating your kitchen, the benchtop is the first thing you should think about. Here are three reasons why you should choose stone kitchen benchtops over every other material available.

Easy To Clean

Of course, the primary thing you want to avoid in a kitchen is having to clean up mess. Stone benchtops are so sought after because they have virtually no edges or gaps where tiny scraps of food can fit in. That means that all it takes to clean off most of your mess is a single wipe with a paper towel. Even for tougher, dried liquids, it seldom takes more than a few scrubs to displace whatever it is that is there. This is in contrast to other, cheaper benchtops which do hold noticeable edges and seams where food scraps will hide in and rot.


Once you put in your kitchen benchtop, the last thing you want to have to do is replace it in a couple of years. Stone is an exceptionally hardy material that can take an absolute battering without showing any visible signs of wear. There are ruins which are thousands of years old that still have stone flooring and utensils perfectly preserved. Also, stone is very resistant to stains, so it is nigh on impossible to stain your stone benchtops. Even treated wood and plastic can collect stains over time, but with stone you rule this possibility out.

Variety Of Options

Even within stone benchtops you still have a lot of variety. From cheaper options like engineered stone kitchen benchtops (which use a manufactured type of stone that looks and feels natural), to the very highest luxury stone imported from Italy, there is something for every budget and every house. There are also a variety of styles you can get your benchtop cut into, as well as different colours and patterns which you can browse at your local remodelling contractor or architect's office. Don't settle until you find something that you will be happy to live with for decades to come!

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