Choose the Right Kitchen Benchtop for Your Home

Two things come to mind when you think about a kitchen benchtop. It must be appealing and functional. Undoubtedly, you can only achieve both of these objectives if you select the right material for your kitchen benchtop. This should be followed up with proper installation and maintenance of the material for you to make the most of it. The good thing is that you have several options to consider before choosing what's right for your kitchen. Here is an excellent guide for you:

Natural Stone Kitchen Benchtops

Natural stone is the first place to look when you want to get a kitchen countertop. There is always a guarantee of getting a unique look because natural stones cannot be precisely similar to one another. You will always find a few variations, which is critical for those who want to vary the kitchen aesthetics. Typically, your materials of choice here are marble and granite. Marble is famous for its sleek surface. It is smooth and ideal for rolling your pastries, among other things. Sadly, coloured liquids like red wine and coffee can easily stain marble and dent its outlook.

Granite offers a less porous natural surface. It is also more resistant to staining as coloured liquids have a hard time penetrating the surface. You can polish it to enhance the aesthetics of the benchtop.

Timber Kitchen Benchtops

Timber is another great option for nature's enthusiasts. Usually, the benchtop comes preformed from one solid piece of wood or small pieces laminated together. You need to finish the top surface of the benchtop thoroughly before installation to minimise stains. If you are looking for maintenance-friendly timber, bamboo is your best bet. Every few years, the material allows you to re-finish it and get rid of ugly marks. The process restores the bamboo's look and gets it looking as good as new.

Engineered Stone Kitchen Benchtops

Engineered stone benchtops are a result of blending natural stones (like marble) with special bonding resins. The resins hold the pieces of stone together to deliver a big, practical platform for your kitchen. If you consider this option, your best bet is to blend it with a low-profile, flush-mount sink. Such a set-up ensures that the benchtop's cut edges do not chip when they encounter pots, pans, and other cooking appliances.


You should choose natural stone benchtops with marble standing out for its practicality and stain resistance. It being a natural material adds icing to the cake. Contact a company like Advantage Kitchens to learn more.

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