Surprising Pros of Choosing a Single-Wall Layout for Your Kitchen Renovation Project

You may start planning for a kitchen renovation for numerous reasons. Perhaps the original building supplies employed have steadily lost their lustre over the years and subsequently started detracting from the attractiveness of this room. Alternatively, you may find that the larger your family becomes, the more you outgrow this space. Whatever the case, it is critical that you establish a primary focal point for this remodelling project that will then guide all the changes that you will undertake. One great thing to focus your attention on is the layout.

What some homeowners do not realise about the kitchen layout is that it will influence everything from the placement of the cabinetry to the types of storage solutions that will work best in this room. While there are several options that you can deliberate, this piece highlights some surprising pros of choosing a single-wall layout for your kitchen renovation project.

A single-wall layout will maximise available space

A typical complaint that many homeowners have about their kitchen is the lack of space. This cramped feeling can stem from a lack of adequate storage, which contributes to clutter in this room. On the other hand, the kitchen may simply have a small footprint, and this can make it challenging to cook and prep comfortably. Whatever the reason, you may want to consider a one-wall layout to make the most of the square footage that you have available.

A characteristic of single-wall layouts that sets them apart from other formats is the linear arrangement of all the workspaces. By keeping your stove, cabinetry, benchtops and even sink along this wall, you get to have extra floor space for amenities such as a kitchen island! This exemplary use of the square footage available not only works great in small homes but is also an ideal solution for homeowners that want a minimalist kitchen design in larger residences.

A single-wall layout will improve workflow in this space

At the outset, choosing a one-wall layout for your kitchen renovation may seem like a sacrifice since one has to prioritise what elements are most important to them to make this remodel work. However, in the long term, you will find that it makes you more efficient in the kitchen! To begin with, all essential amenities are within reach, so you do not have to stroll from one end of the room to another when cooking, prepping and so on.

Secondly, by locating all kitchen necessities along one wall, like the sink, fridge and cooktop, you automatically enhance the overall functionality of this space! Whether you are working in the kitchen on your own or have someone helping you prep, you will not get in each other's way, making your time in the kitchen highly efficient.

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