Reasons Why Onyx Should Be Your Preferred Choice When Shopping for Stone Benchtops

When you think of onyx, you most likely visualise jewellery, and this can be credited to the fact that this semi-precious stone has been a staple in this industry for time immemorial. Over the years, though, homeowners have started to prioritise unique materials in the architectural design of their home, as more and more people are looking to integrate elements into their residence that will set it apart from the norm. And one feature that is experiencing an evolution in its design is benchtops.

Rather than gravitate towards conventional supplies such as laminate and ceramic tile, stone materials have taken over the industry, which has led to an increased interest in onyx. If you are gearing up for a kitchen remodelling project, check out the following persuasive reasons why onyx should be your preferred choice when shopping for stone benchtops.

Astonishing versatility

Homeowners typically resume assume onyx is available in shades of black, but this is not its only naturally occurring hue. Admittedly, black is highly popular, and this can be attributed to the striking visual interest it adds to pieces of jewellery. Nevertheless, if you are keen on installing stone benchtops that offer you versatility in terms of shades available, onyx will prove to be a worthwhile contender for various reasons.

First off, this natural stone comes in light, dark and neutral tones. Thus, whether you are looking for white benchtops that will make your kitchen appear brighter, or bold shades in the forms of reds or yellows to add a pop of colour to this room, you will be spoilt for choice. It is important to bear in mind, though, that if you are remodelling your kitchen with the intent to increase the resale value of your house, it is best to lean toward lighter tones such as whites and greys that are not as imposing as their bolder counterparts are.

Unanticipated longevity

Certainly, when compared to other natural stone materials, onyx is one of the softer options available. This malleability, which stems from the fact that it is made up of calcium, makes it ideal for jewellery making, as it can easily be carved into unique shapes. But when you consider this characteristic for benchtop applications, you could think that this material is not worth the investment. However, this is not entirely true.

Unquestionably, onyx stone benchtops will require painstaking upkeep if they are to retain their appearance. Generally, this maintenance will entail professional sealing every couple of years to keep the surface protected and eliminating the use of acid-based cleaning agents. If you stick to these requirements, your onyx benchtops will last for decades to come, which not only makes them an economical investment, but it also translates into increased value for your house.

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